My name is Liam Peacock and I am a 17 year old wakeboarder from the UK.

I AM Liam Peacock

What is the reason you committed your life to wakeboarding?
There was never really a reason, it just happened because I always loved riding so much and as I started doing it more and more it just became a part of my life. I love the lifestyle, the travelling, the competitions and riding with my friends. I like how when I’m on the water no one can tell me what to do and I can ride how I want and do what I want. 

What is your biggest achievement in your sport?

It would probably be landing the double flip off the water this year and getting close to the triple flip off the kicker. I am hoping to land it this year when I head back out to the Philippines. For me landing this will be a massive achievement and it is one of my main focuses for the upcoming season. 

What are you doing to push yourself everyday?
Every time I strap into my board I am always looking for ways to push and progress my riding as much as I can. I like to try and do things that others either haven’t thought of or are to scared to try. I also like riding with my friends as I can get inspiration from the things they do and try and use it in my riding. My main aim is just to have fun when I ride because that’s why I started it and that’s why I am still doing it today.
What is your vision on what direction the sport should go?
I hope that wakeboarding continues its fast progression with new event ideas and bigger and better tricks being created as I think there is still so much to try in the sport. With things like landing ramps and new rail ideas being made it is only going to make the sport better and allow us riders to have more fun on the water. I also hope that with new events coming in with better prize money it will allow more riders to do what they love as a job which is surely the main goal for most riders.