What does breaking boundaries mean to you?

For Mystic it represents our mission for extreme riding. We don’t give up just because of what someone said. We use it as motivation to push harder, accept no limits and dream bigger.

Our Team represents every inch of our brand.
They’re dedicated to their ambitions and desires, and have the patience to endure the often long and frustrating road to great success.

Dom Hernler’s pure talent combined with hard work makes him one of the most stylish riders in the world. Translating his snowboarding background into Wakeboarding, he constantly seeks new challenges and inspiration for his riding back home in the mountainous landscapes of Austria. If he’s looking to add to the party, fellow Team Mates Austin Pratt and Antoines Allaux are never too far away. With a winch thrown in the back of Dom’s car, their team mission is to take the sport to different playgrounds and heights.

Last year, wakeboard addict Austin Pratt suffered from a heavy knee injury but is now back on his game and raring to go. Without no holes barred, Austin is well on his way to becoming the best in the industry for riding  obstacles.

New kid on the block Antoine Allaux’s riding is truly inspiring. With his finger on the buzzer all day every day, he’s pushing everything there is to push in the sport.The black bird from France dreams big and his search for perfection is endless. 

Together, we create exceptional equipment for Wakeboaridng, a sport that we are so passionate about. Every year, our task is to embrace the new limits set by our riders and break boundaries to make something we’ve never had before. Our helmets and armour are constantly evolving, and our primary focus is to get our gear to exactly where we want it to be.

There’s no need to be afraid of the scope of your dream. No reason to doubt it. It’s time to grab your chosen path with both hands and commit to shaping your playground. 

Our brand starts where your life begins; outside your comfort zone.

Enjoy the ride!